Produced by Fred Olen Ray and Jack H. Harris
Directed by Fred Olen Ray
Screenplay by Michael D. Sonye
Genre: Cult, Science Fiction, Women in Prison
Country of Production: United States
Released: 1986


JUST HANGING AROUND - Having just been incarcerated aboard the prison ship, Taura, our heroine, becomes acquainted with her fellow inmates

In the distant future, Taura (Sandy Brooke) is sent to a prison ship for a crime that she did not commit. After winning the confidence of her fellow inmates, led by Mike (Suzy Stokey), they plan and execute a prison break, all the while dodging crazed guards, mutant rodents, and the warden.

Of course, no Women in Prison movie would be complete without a successful escape.  Our heroine, of course, makes it, but most of her fellow inmates are not so fortunate.  Also as expected, the evil warden gets it, along with her flunky and all of the various rodents running around the ship.


BACKBITING - An anonymous prisoner becomes personally acquainted with a killer slug during a torture session

Star Slammer is pretty much a typical women-in-prison movie, except for it being set aboard a spaceship instead of in a steamy jungle or an Eastern European hellhole. The plot is not very elaborate, but that's not the point. If you like the genre, you'll enjoy this movie as well.

The story moves along in a straightforward way, with no complicated plot twists or big surprises.  What you see is basically what you get, including the usual predictable ending.

Babe Content

BADASS BITCH - Warden Exene is shown with her flunky. Lose the ridiculous hat, already!

Pretty much the entire film is babe content. It starts out with one woman hanging by her wrists, where she is being tortured by having slugs applied to her back while a droid that looks like a miniature vacuum cleaner runs around making snide comments. We never see her again, so she is presumably dead.

The prisoners are all very nice looking, especially in their prison-issue tank tops. Taura looks good with her long, curly blonde hair, while Mike provides a nice contrast as a brunette.

Of course, no WIP film would be complete without a warden who is; (1) lesbian, and (2) a total bitch. Warden Exene (Marya Grant) fits the bill perfectly. She is deliciously wicked and seductive with her long, black hair and sexy, leather dominatrix outfit. She should lose the military hat, however. Upon meeting the new prisoner, she sets her sights on her for some extracurricular activity. Taura does not exactly seem to be thrilled at the prospect.

LET'S PLAY DOCTOR! If my primary care physician looked like Dr. Po, I'd go for a checkup every day!

The prison doctor is Dr. Po (Jade Barrett), a very lovely Asian lady who is, in my opinion, the most attractive babe in the movie. She pretends to go along with the warden's diabolical experiments, but is secretly on the side of the prisoners, and helps them when they break out. Unfortunately, she ends up being killed in the escape.